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19 July, 2024

Funds & Cryptocurrencies: The Development and the Technology

For the second consecutive year, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cyprus-Russian Business Association and K. Treppides & Co Ltd are organizing a half day conference on the 14th of June 2018 at Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, in an attempt to inform the investors and the Global Market about the Cyprus Fund’s market and the relationship that the Funds in Cyprus can have with the technology.

The purpose of the conference is to inform professionals in Cyprus and abroad as well as to promote Cyprus as an attractive jurisdiction for Professionals and Investors from the EU and third Countries that deal with Investment Funds and Investment Management Companies and would like to establish, implement or expand their businesses in or through Cyprus.

During the seminar the participants will have the opportunity to get insights on the latest changes on the Cyprus Fund Industry, the trends and challenges of Fund Management Companies as well as to be informed about the types and structures of Funds available in Cyprus along with their Tax implications based on their underlying investment strategy and type of assets they are investing in.

The participants will have the benefit to listen to professionals talking about their experience through other Jurisdictions and Regulators

Considering the promotion of Cyprus Fund Industry, the conference will accommodate several Professional speakers from Banks, Financial Services Providers, Legal Sector and Fund’s Sector to speak about their experience of undertaking their business in and through Cyprus as well as their role in the Fund’s Industry of Cyprus.

Just like last year, the organisers of the Conference will present current global market developments and trends, which for this year include Cryptocurrencies and Technology related to Crypto in addition to the traditional business of Funds and Fund Management Companies.

In order to provide a better understanding to the participants, the conference will accommodate Professionals from Singapore, Malta and the US who are involved in the Cryptocurrency Industry through Funds, Fund Management Companies and as Consultants within the above mentioned field.

The participants will have the benefit to listen to these professionals talking about their experience through other Jurisdictions and Regulators and how this Global Market Development is evolving. 

Finally, during the conference, possibilities of establishing Funds in Cyprus that can accommodate these Market Developments and Trends will be discussed and analysed along with considerations and obstacles that may be faced.


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