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Out-of-towner enters Nicosia competition

Consumers could find themselves in the middle of a war of giants in western Nicosia


Papantoniou Supermarkets is getting ready to set up shop in the middle of a tough competitive market in western Nicosia, where other giants also stake a claim, but there are still some permit hurdles for the out-of-town family.

The supermarket chain’s CEO Charalambos Papantoniou is optimistic as he expects a building permit, following the recent approval by the Environmental Services Department.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, the first Papantoniou supermarket in Nicosia would add to the chain's eight markets already operating out of town in Paphos and Limassol.

The new supermarket will be situated right between Alfa Mega and Lidl, two main competitors in Nicosia's Engomi area.

The new supermarket will be situated right between Alfa Mega and Lidl, two main competitors in the Engomi area

Recent roadwork has been completed in the area, which solved traffic congestion problems. Alfa Mega shoppers used to find it difficult to head back south towards the highway due to a small traffic light intersection that was causing a bottleneck.

Shoppers will be able to access the Papantoniou parking lots from Odyssea Elyti Street via Archaneglou Michael Avenue or from Nicou Kranidioti Street via the Dias or McDonalds roundabouts.

The site will be adjacent to an elementary school where the area is well developed and the business could draw many clients from nearby communities to fill its 224 car spaces.

But shoppers could also come from elsewhere in the city and suburbs to do their grocery shopping, take advantage of the cafeteria, as well as shop in specialty departments such as fish market, butcher, deli, and take away.

Papantoniou Supermarkets operates five supermarkets in Paphos and three stores in Limassol, one of which is a supermarket and two express markets.

Athienitis also in the game

Another massive supermarket out west is currently in the works, Athienitis, which is best known for keeping the lowest prices in the market.

The family business currently has only one Athienitis super store in east Nicosia’s Palouriotisa area and plans to operate another one in Lakatamia, out west, where it can draw in customers from Nicosia as well as out of town.

Athienitis will also compete with DIY stores, such as Ellinas in the Lakatamia/Anthoupoli area. Ellinas is also directly competing with Superhome in Engomi mall where customers also have a supermarket choice there, Sklavenitis formely known as Carrefour.


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