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20 July, 2024

Capital controls eased further as of Monday

The measures were heralded last week

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Capital controls were eased further on Monday with depositors now permitted to withdraw a monthly maximum of 5,000 euros from bank accounts, up from 2,300 euros.

The measures were heralded last week as part of measures to further lift the capital controls imposed three years ago when Greece was in political and financial upheaval.

Business transactions will also be facilitated with the limit for cash transfers abroad being doubled to 40,000 euros per client per day.

Further, international travelers can take larger cash amounts abroad, 3,000 euros per trip compared to 2,300 euros.

Another change approved by the Greek Finance Ministry affects bank customers who will be allowed to make money transfers overseas of up to 4,000 euros every two months.

Greece first imposed capital controls in the summer of 2015 to curb capital outflows from banks at the peak of the country's debt crisis. 


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