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Lackluster sales show consumer hesitation and vigilance

Low traffic, fewer discounts, and deceptive tactics raise concerns in the market

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

From 9 in the morning, several stores opened their doors for Black Friday, primarily in the field of electrical and electronic devices, but the traffic is at low levels and certainly not comparable to previous years.

This is also evident in the photos from "K," which do not capture the frenzy of previous years. Virginia Christou, the representative of the Cyprus Consumers Association, describes that association observers are present in all provinces, monitoring prices and conveying the message that the market is subdued. The products offered at a discount during Black Friday are fewer compared to similar periods in the last five years.

Businesses themselves do not anticipate much market activity today, and the reasons are attributed, on the one hand, to the fact that the Black Friday period lasts for a month in Cyprus, allowing consumers to shop on any other day. The discounts are not significant enough to attract a substantial volume of consumers to the market.

Consumers perceive that the offers for the Black Friday period are misleading. The retail association acknowledges that, in some cases, stores are promoting fake offers.

The representative of the Consumer Association informed "K" that in the last two days, complaints from consumers have been received regarding products offered at a promotional price higher than the price indicated before the offer. These specific cases, he said, will be evaluated, and consumers are urged to be very careful while shopping and to consider the return policy of each company.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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