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Leaked documents expose payments of German journalist through Cyprus

Award-winning Hubert Seipel's $700,000 'sponsorship' sparks controversy in expanding Russian propaganda network


In a joint investigation by Der Spiegel magazine and German public television ZDF, conducted in collaboration with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists under the project "Cyprus Confidential," it has been revealed that German award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker, and author Hubert Seipel received payments from the Kremlin through Cyprus.

Seipel, identified as one of many Western figures building a career supporting Russia and its authoritarian leader, reportedly agreed to receive approximately $700,000 in "sponsorship" over the past five years from a shell company connected to the declared oligarch Mordashov. The financial records, leaked by German reporters working for Paper Trail Media, Der Spiegel, and ZDF, expose the extent of the Russian propaganda machine abroad, utilizing Cyprus as a gateway for Russian oligarchs on sanctions blacklists to hide or expand their assets.

Known for his extensive access to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Seipel has met the leader over a hundred times and has produced documentaries showcasing intimate moments with Putin, such as a deer hunt in Siberia and a limousine ride in Moscow. Despite being hailed as the ultimate German expert on Putin by outlets like ARD and Spiegel, Seipel vehemently denies being on the Kremlin payroll. In response to questions about financial support from Mordashov, he defended his work as unbiased, stating that no specific factual errors were found in any of his books.

The leaked records indicate that the transactions for the book deal were facilitated by Cypcodirect and PwC Cyprus, shedding light on the involvement of Cyprus in the financial dealings associated with Seipel's connection to the Kremlin.

[Information sourced from 24News]

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