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Nicosia Cybersecurity Conference Live: Empowering Education and Prevention

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By Sotiris Pikoulas

On Thursday 6th April 2023 at 11.30 a.m., a workshop entitled "Cybersecurity Systems and Development of Modern IT Applications" will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia. This workshop offers a valuable opportunity to learn about modern IT tools that can help prevent cyber-attacks, and it is open to attendees from both the public and private sectors, who can participate in person or online.

The conference is organized by Andreas An. Georgiou, President and CEO of AAnG GROUP, who has a proven track record in the field of cybersecurity. Through the Group's company, AOZ, he represents two of the world's leading cybersecurity systems, A10 Networks and Stellar Cyber, in Greece and Cyprus.

At the conference, attendees will have the chance to learn about modern electronic and business tools in the field of cybersecurity that have been developed by A10 Networks and Stellar Cyber. They will also be able to hear from representatives of these companies, including Alexandru Enache (Regional Sales Manager Central East Europe & Africa of A10 Networks) and Michael Nystrom (System Engineer of Stellar Cyber), who will discuss the capabilities of their companies in the increasingly demanding and dangerous digital environment.

The workshop is timely, given the new and unstable environment created by electronic attacks (hacking) on institutions and organizations in both the public and private sectors. Recent cyber-attacks on emblematic public services such as the Land Registry and the University of Cyprus, as well as on prestigious private companies, have contributed to the climate of insecurity.

It is now common knowledge that systematic cyber-attacks cannot be dealt with using conventional information tools. To protect digital environments in the public and private sectors, companies need 'smart' tools from highly qualified providers who can manage and develop cutting-edge technologies. These companies spend large amounts of money on research and development departments to stay ahead of evolving hacking methods that are capable of bringing even multinational giants to their knees.

Above all, prevention, information, and timely action by companies are needed to prevent cyber-attacks. This is where the workshop "Cyber Security Systems and Development of Modern IT Applications" comes in. It is organized by Andreas Georgiou and his Group company, AOZ, and provides detailed information on how companies can prevent cyber-attacks. Those who are interested in attending the conference online can do so via the link:


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