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28 May, 2024

NIPD GENETICS announces new ForeSENTIA panel to include tumor mutational burden biomarker

NIPD Genetics announces the launch of a new ForeSENTIA tumor profile panel, Pan-Cancer Plus, which includes the analysis of the genomic biomarker Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB). More specifically, ForeSENTIA Pan-Cancer Plus targets the full exonic regions of 221 genes and includes testing of both Microsatellite Instability (MSI) and TMB immunotherapy biomarkers via Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).  The test is built on NIPD Genetics’ powerful proprietary technology platform that has been validated in several studies and is trusted for its accuracy and precision.

Professional bodies agree that tumor profiling can offer guidance on treatment decisions, prognostic value and improved clinical management through precision medicine and targeted therapies. Moreover, the role of TMB, a tumor-agnostic biomarker, has been highlighted in clinical practice over the last years, due to the prognostic value and therapeutic opportunities it offers in all solid tumors.

Prof. Philippos Patsalis, Founder and CEO of NIPD Genetics, stated that “It is always with the patient in mind that we continue to improve our genetic diagnostic services and provide tests of unparalleled accuracy which guide medical decisions to improve prognosis, clinical management, and patient care. The insights provided through the comprehensive report of ForeSENTIA inform not only on therapeutic opportunities but also on accurate prognostic assessment, empowering the specialist to strategize the best course of action for their patients”.  

ForeSENTIA is performed by analysing tumor tissue samples which are collected during tissue biopsy. The tissue samples are analysed at NIPD Genetics central Molecular Laboratories which are CAP-accredited and certified by CLIA and ISO standards. ForeSENTIA results will allow healthcare providers to take informed decisions on the best clinical management for their patients.

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About NIPD Genetics:

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