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Peek into February 2024's hottest real estate deals

From million-Euro fields to dream homes, Ask Wire tells us what's trending in Cyprus' top provinces


Ask Wire, a company blending real estate expertise with technology, has compiled and published data on the 10 most expensive real estate transactions completed in February 2024 and the total value of the top 10 sales by province. The top 10 sales nationwide amounted to €25.1 million, with the priciest transaction being a field in Paphos sold for €4.8 million.

Paphos province leads with five transactions in the top 10, followed by Limassol with four and Nicosia with one. Sales in Paphos totaled €12.6 million, while Limassol and Nicosia reached €9.8 million and €2.75 million, respectively.

The top 10 sales featured various property types, including fields, houses, and mixed-use properties. Limassol and Paphos dominated the list, with notable transactions in each province.

Overall, the 50 largest transactions in February exceeded €55 million, with Paphos and Limassol properties accounting for 63.4% of the total value. Larnaca and Famagusta provinces trailed behind in terms of transaction value.

Commenting on the data, Pavlos Loizou, CEO of Ask Wire, noted a significant increase in high-value property transactions compared to January 2024. He emphasized Paphos' continued prominence in the market, surpassing Limassol in this regard.

For further insights into the property market, visit Ask Wire's website and see the charts below:

Source: Cyprus Land Registry, Analysis: Ask Wire

Source: Cyprus Land Registry, Analysis: Ask Wire

Source: Cyprus Land Registry, Analysis: Ask Wire

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