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17 June, 2024

''Responsible today, sustainable tomorrow'': Lidl Cyprus with an eye on Cyprus of the future

Within the framework of a press conference, the company presented its footprint on Cypriot economy, society and environment, as well as its strategic plan.

Press Release

An event dedicated to its vision for a sustainable tomorrow was held by Lidl Cyprus at the premises of the Lidl Food Academy in the centre of Nicosia on Thursday 21 March 2023, in the presence of the honourable Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, Mr. Giorgos Papanastasiou, as well as other institutional body representatives and partners of the company, as well as representatives of the media.


Mr. Martin Brandenburger, Chairman of the Board of Lidl Cyprus, announced the company's strategic plan for the development and sustainability of Cypriot economy, society and environment, while data from the study was presented with regards to Lidl Cyprus’ socio-economic impact report for the financial year 2022-2023, which identified and evaluated the effects created by the company’s operation in Cyprus, with regards to both the country's economy and society.

"With consistency and passion for the ultimate, for progress and prosperity, we stand by consumers, the economy and our country. We achieve with a compass of responsibility, and our goal is to serve the needs and to create benefits for everyone," said Martin Brandenburger, President of the Management of Lidl Cyprus.

In the framework of the press conference, the development plan of the company for the next three years was presented, which includes new stores and total investments of more than 30 million euros for the network of its stores and warehouse.

Reference was also made to the company's indicators for the financial year 2022-2023 and with regards to the implementation of a permanent price reduction policy of up to 37% on over 380 private label products, as well as its recent important distinction as the ''No.1 company in Cyprus with the best value for money for the year 2023/2024'' at the Best Buy Awards, which is a confirmation of its commitment towards offering products with the best quality-price ratio.

During the event, the company’s sustainability strategy was also presented which is faithfully pursued by Lidl Cyprus, as well as actions that contribute significantly to support of the local community. ''Sustainability and responsibility horizontally run through our corporate ecosystem. They sensitise and activate strategies and practices, across the spectrum of Corporate Social Responsibility,'' said Vasiliki Adamidou, Director of Communication and Corporate Responsibility, who talked about issues concerning the company's commitment to matters of sustainability.

With ethos and responsibility, Lidl Cyprus has been active for almost 15 years in Cyprus, creating fruitful life relationships on the way to a better tomorrow for both people and the planet.

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