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Types of coffee loved by Cypriots

Good coffee and… good vibes by Bean Bar

As coffee still reigns supreme as the most popular beverage in Cyprus, our coffee culture has evolved, with Cypriots embracing varieties from distant regions of the world, such as Brazil, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Cypriot consumers have become well acquainted with a range of coffee varieties, and no longer settle for just any coffee; they want to enjoy specialty, quality coffee that matches their taste and mood. In fact, many Cypriots have become experts on coffee and the factors affecting the taste of each variety: the region where it’s cultivated and the method used to grow it, as well as the way the coffee beans are harvested, processed, transported, and even roasted.

Speaking of the secret behind good coffee, coffee aficionados are aware that each type of coffee needs to be consumed within a specific timeframe. For example, espresso should be consumed in under three minutes, as it will start oxidising after that time. The same goes for the cappuccino – as it cools down, the milk loses its sweetness. On the other hand, when filter coffee cools down, it releases new notes and aromas, offering a flavourful and fragrant journey to those who choose it.

What do Cypriot consumers prefer?

But what type of coffee do Cypriots prefer? Consumers in our country are generally “open” to trying out different types of coffee and alternative blends, although they seem to lean towards Latin American varieties. Freddo Espresso is the most popular type of coffee among Cypriots, and it is the most widespread caffeinated beverage in our country, likely due to the island’s good weather throughout the year. In fact, Freddo Espresso seems to be taking over the top spot from instant coffee, mainly because of its higher quality. At the same time, Cypriot coffee still has its avid fans, as it remains an important part of our culture and tradition.

Good coffee and good… vibes!

Nevertheless, apart from good coffee and its preparation, what is also extremely important is the interaction between the barista and the consumer. Professionalism, good service, a pleasant mood, enthusiasm, and good vibes are the ingredients that make a coffee brand even more special.

This is also the philosophy of Bean Bar, the coffee chain by C.A.Papaellinas Emporiki Ltd, which during its two-year presence in the Cypriot coffee market, has managed to stand out for its people’s good vibes, as well as its authentic coffee flavours including a blend from Latin America and three special single-origin coffees from Costa Rica, Brazil and Nicaragua.

The company has matched each coffee variety to a different mood, giving consumers the opportunity to choose the perfect flavour for them, based on their mood. The Latin America flavour is for the … cool types, while coffee blends from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Brazil are best suited for, Calm, Wild and Alive types, respectively. Besides, coffee varieties at Bean Bar were selected based on the aromas and flavours that are closest to the taste palette of Cypriot consumers. 

11 stores in two years  

Bean Bar was officially launched in September 2021 and despite the intense competition, the coffee chain has managed to expand its presence in the Cypriot coffee market, through effective planning and execution. The chain now operates eleven stores, nine of which are located within Alphamega Hypermarkets. The in-house coffee stores are located in Akropoli and Latsia in Nicosia, Skarinou, Kiti and Metropolis Mall in Larnaka, as well as Polemidia, Kapsalos and Trimiklini in Limassol. The company’s two standalone coffeeshops (not within Alphamega Hypermarkets) are located on Makariou Avenue in Nicosia and at Limassol’s Old Port.

The chain also collaborates with online food delivery platforms Foody and Bolt, while customers can also order their favourite Bean Bar products through the Bean Bar App and collect them from the store of their choice.


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