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15 June, 2024

Unlocking the future of fintech with ECOMMBX: Where money meets innovation

By Maria Ioannou, Business Development Junior Director & Irene Violari, Business Development Senior Manager

Are you ready to embark on a fintech adventure like no other? Welcome to ECOMMBX, where we’re not just another Electronic Money Institution but game-changers of the industry! Regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus under license no., we consider ourselves pioneers of innovation in Electronic Money Services.

At ECOMMBX, we’re more than about breaking news; we’re about breaking barriers with our outstanding products and services. We offer a spectrum of fintech solutions that empower you in your journey to success.

Navigate the world of business with our corporate, client’s, and escrow B2B e-accounts. Every account and currency combination enjoys the privilege of unique named IBANs.

Trade effortlessly with lightning-speed currency conversions and dominate the global market with equally fast cross-border payments via SEPA and SWIFT. Experience financial agility with instant UK payments through CHAPS, BACS, and Faster Payments. What’s more, you can manage your payments like a pro with seamless batch payments and payroll services.

Tap into international markets easily with global transactions via our extensive network of correspondent banking providers. Our business debit cards add a personal touch to your financial transactions, while personal debit cards ensure ultimate convenience. Elevate your financial status with our Infinite debit card and bask in VIP perks. And for the e-commerce trailblazers, our payment solutions – including card payments powered by VISA/MASTERCARD but not limited to payment links and Virtual Point of Sale (VPoS) – redefine the payment experience, making it not just a transaction, but an adventure.

New services on the horizons!
Hold onto your hats because we’re thrilled to announce a treasure trove of new services that will revolutionise your payment journey.

The ''ECOMMVERSE'' revolution!
Say goodbye to complicated account setup procedures! With our brand-new mobile app, ''ECOMMVERSE,'' you can effortlessly open personal accounts. It’s as easy as downloading an app from the Apple Store or Google Store. And here’s the secret: we’re gearing up to extend our reach across Europe!

You can also request your very own debit card through the ''ECOMMVERSE'' app. It’s not just a card; it’s your financial passport to a world of convenience.

But wait, there’s more!
We’re on a mission to revolutionise co-branded cards with strategic partnerships. Get ready for customised card solutions that will take your financial journey to new heights!

Your journey begins here!
Ready to embark on this exciting fintech expedition? Contact any member of our Business Development team to get the inside scoop, set up a meeting, and explore incredible collaboration opportunities.

At ECOMMBX, we’re on a mission to usher in a new era in the banking sector. Our vision is to make the banking experience not just seamless but enjoyable for both individuals and legal entities. Join us as we redefine banking for the modern world!

Get ready to discover the power of ECOMMBX today!


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