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FT: Tech giants clash with EU over internet control

Tech behemoths TikTok and Meta challenge EU regulations in a high-stakes struggle for digital dominance


A Financial Times article has reported that major players like TikTok and Meta, the parent company of Facebook, are pushing back against the European Union's (EU) recent internet regulations aimed at fostering greater openness and competition in online markets.

According to the report, TikTok, the popular short-video sharing app, objects to being labeled a "gatekeeper" under the new rules, fearing it could impede its growth. The company disputes the notion that businesses rely on its app to reach their audience, a key aspect of the EU regulations.

Moreover, Meta challenges the EU's classification of its Messenger and Marketplace as "core" services. Meta contends that Messenger is an integral part of Facebook, not a standalone app, and argues that Marketplace is designed for regular users, not as a platform for businesses to target customers.

The new regulations compel major tech companies to share more with competitors and adopt a more open approach, aiming to break the dominance of big tech in the EU's digital landscape.

Consequently, Apple and Amazon are considering challenging the rules, while Microsoft and Google have signaled acceptance, choosing not to contest the regulations.

The companies affected by the rules must adhere to them by March 6, 2024. Even if they challenge the regulations, they are obligated to comply until a court ruling is issued.

In essence, a significant clash unfolds between tech giants and the EU over the vision for the operation of the internet in Europe.

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