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US-led naval coalition forms to protect Red Sea shipping routes

Operation 'Prosperity Guardian' launched amid rising Houthi threats


In response to a surge in attacks by Iran-backed Houthi rebels on commercial shipping, the United States, along with more than half a dozen allies, has launched Operation Prosperity Guardian, a reinforced naval task force in the Red Sea, according to a report in the Financial Times.

The move follows UK oil major BP's decision to halt all shipments through the Red Sea due to a "deteriorating security situation," impacting nearly a tenth of global oil demand. With over 9 million barrels of oil passing through the Red Sea daily, the naval coalition, comprising ships from NATO countries and regional allies, aims to address the growing threats posed by Houthi attacks on merchant vessels.

The deployment comes as Houthi rebels have intensified their assaults on US assets, prompting the downing of 14 attack drones by the USS Carney on Sunday. The virtual meeting of international partners, convened by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, will focus on coordinating efforts to counter the Houthi escalation and ensure the security of vital maritime routes.

The Red Sea task force is set to operate under the Combined Maritime Forces and its existing Task Force 153, concentrating on enhancing security in the region. The initiative underscores the global response to safeguarding critical energy chokepoints and maintaining the uninterrupted flow of goods.

[Information sourced from the Financial Times]

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