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XM invests in ARIS for future entrepreneurs

Investment giant XM fuels innovation through ARIS sponsorship


XM, an international company that has established itself as a leader in the investment industry in forex, CFD in shares, metals and more, actively supports education and skills development initiatives through its sponsorship of ARIS (A Really Inspiring Space).

ARIS is a non-profit organization established in partnership with Deloitte Cyprus, with the aim of providing innovative technology-based businesses with the necessary structure, guidance and network for the development of successful business ventures.

The accelerator program, which has been running successfully for the past six years, is designed and curated by Deloitte's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Through the program, ARIS supports start-ups that want to accelerate their trajectory and market penetration, as well as scale-ups that need business or financial support to develop and further expand their business and contribute to the development of the innovation ecosystem.

The accelerator program is offered through an intensive 26-week training aimed at providing a holistic overview to businesses that helps them improve their business model and accelerate their go-to-market strategy. The companies that join the program are hosted in the modern and technologically advanced co-working space of ARIS in the heart of Limassol. In addition, they receive the business support needed to further develop and expand their activities, through specialized seminars. Furthermore, the program provides them with access to mentors, with a wide range of expertise, who support the founders in their business journey, with an emphasis on commercialization, as well as financial and business sectors.

So far, ARIS has actively supported over 30 companies in their entrepreneurial journey, creating a real impact on the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. On November 20, 2023, four start-ups joined it, three of which are based in Cyprus. These companies have already participated in educational seminars on improving their business models, developing pitching skills, funding opportunities, technology consulting, fundamentals to build a strong brand and legal issues, and have also received guidance from Deloitte professionals and external mentors.

XM's sponsorship of ARIS is part of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility program. One of its main pillars is to promote access to education, the development of professional skills and promoting innovation, both in Cyprus and abroad.

Through its sponsorship, XM is helping to support all of the program's efforts to empower innovative businesses and promote Cyprus as a leading start-up hub in the Middle East and Western Europe.

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