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1. Greece popular with expats

Greece is rapidly evolving into a preferred destination for people wishing to live and work away from home, as the country is rising on the global list drafted by international bank HSBC....

2. FinCEN Files: Cyprus banks embroiled in dirty money leak

Leaked documents from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, dubbed the FinCEN files, have revealed that several of the world’s major banks allowed over 200,000 suspicious financial transactions valued at around $2 trillion to be moved over a period of almost two decades, with 897 of those transactions made by Cypriot banks....

3. Fund managers take the lion’s share of the 15-year Cyprus bond

4. Confidence confirmed as Cyprus issues first ever 15-year bond

5. Stop the Brexit clock says Cyprus Finance Minister on Bloomberg

6. Cyprus prepares to tap international markets after early repayments

7. US charges Huawei with bank fraud, theft of trade secrets

8. US probe of China's Huawei includes bank fraud accusations

9. Cypriot firm signs $4.2 billion Zimbabwe platinum deal$4-2-billion-zimbabwe-platinum-deal

It is the largest investment structure in the country’s mining industry in Zimbabwe...