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31. Cypriot bond yields tumble after stellar bond sale

32. Cyprus prepares to tap international markets after early repayments

33. Moody's upgrades Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank

34. CBC introduce sharper rules against the so-called “Shell and Letterbox Companies”

The central bank of Cyprus has redefined the definitions of the so-called “shell and letterbox companies”, in an attempt to tighten the directive for the prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing...

35. Ukraine urges NATO to send ships

36. Difficult decisions brought about positive results in the economy, President says

37. DBRS upgrades Cyprus to investment grade

38. Hellenic Bank’s Economic Review

39. Shell companies ''This is over, its finished''

40. Israel Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigns over Gaza ceasefire

41. New directive on shell companies improves anti-money laundering practices

42. Fitch Ratings upgrades Cyprus to investment grade

43. IMF: The Cypriot economy continues its rapid recovery from the 2012–13 financial crisis–13-financial-crisis

44.  Anastasiades at Diaspora dinner: No guarantees needed

45. ECB starts buying Cypriot bonds after ratings upgrade

46. Moody's keeps Greek rating unchanged at B3

Moody’s kept Greece's sovereign credit rating unchanged at B3, with a positive outlook, in a credit opinion it issued on Wednesday....

47. Fitch Ratings upgrades Bank of Cyprus

48. Cyprus issues sovereign bond, draws €1.5 billion at 2.4%€1-5-billion-at-2-4

49. Cyprus eyes 10-year low yield bond after S&P lifts sovereign to investment grade

50. Cyprus back into investment grade

Cyprus got its investment worthiness stripes back on Friday as Standard & Poor’s raised the country’s credit grade from BB+ to BBB- with a stable outlook, five years following a devastating financial collapse...

51. Moody’s thumbs up to Bank of Cyprus bad loans sale

Moody’s credit rating agency says the recent sale of Non-Performing Loans by the Bank of Cyprus worth €2.8 billion is a positive step...

52. Turkish Cypriots to touch base with Ankara

Turkish Cypriot officials are reportedly getting ready for a trip to Ankara where they will discuss the Turkish economic crisis and its impact on the northern part of the island...

53. Shadows loom over government’s ‘clean exit’ scenario‘clean-exit-scenario

Greece’s bailout exit has been eliciting condescending and bitter commentary on the country’s beaches and in its near-deserted cities, as few Greeks believes their lives are going to improve or that the country’s prospects will be akin to those of other bailed-out eurozone states. Greece’s “return to normalcy” and “clean exit,” much touted by the government, appear to be happening somewhere else....

54. Health tourism professionals cry foul over election of Turkish Cypriot official

The Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board is reportedly disturbed by the appointment of a Turkish Cypriot health official on the Global Healthcare Travel Council, following questions by Edek party MP Kostis Efstathiou...

55. Moody’s says BoC better off after UK sale

Rating Agency Moody’s has described the sale of Bank of Cyprus UK as credit positive, noting that the sale would place Bank of Cyprus in a better position to focus on reducing its domestic high stock of problematic loans...

56. Paphos airport wins accessibility award

Paphos International Airport has won an award for being the most accessible airport in Europe during this week’s Airports Council International conference in Brussels...

57. With eye on re-election Tsipras rolls dice on Macedonia

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is taking a big gamble in trying to settle a decades-old name dispute with neighbouring Macedonia which could backfire in a pre-election year among voters already jaded by his economic austerity policies...

58. Are Britons really bothered about royal wedding?

There is no doubt that the wedding of Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson and sixth-in-line to the throne, and Hollywood actress Markle, star of TV drama “Suits”, has the media transfixed...

59. Erdogan slams rating agencies for upgrading 'bankrupt' Greece

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took a fresh swipe at rating agencies on Friday over the recent downgraded and the negative outlook they have assigned for the Turkish economy, using “bankrupt” Greece as an example....

60. Cyprus recovery is being recognised by international agencies

Fitch does not currently anticipate developments with a high likelihood of leading to a downgrade...