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06 December, 2021


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1. Social media enabling destruction of democracy

“It’s the enabler of the destruction of democracy. It’s the enabler of the destruction of the facts,” says the Filipino Nobel Laureate Maria Ressa...

2. Israeli FM asks Cyprus to serve as moderator in its talks with EU countries

Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi requested that Cyprus serves as a moderating voice in Israel’s talks with European countries, the Isreaeli Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said Wednesday....

3. Lifting restrictions signal progress, but concerns high over relapse

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said Wednesday that with the island moving toward recovering from the coronavirus outbreak, the gradual lifting of measures set to begin next week is a testament of the progress being made, but it also a source of intense concern over a potential relapse....

4. The uncertain landscape to the east

One of the Greek government’s biggest problems is its inability to get a clear reading of Turkey’s or rather of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s intentions...

5. With courage and moderation

It is often said Greece’s post-dictatorship era ended with SYRIZA’s defeat. But how will we now close the accounts of the past and stop arguing about what happened 44 or 75 years ago? And how will Greece look ahead to resolve its accumulated problems – now we are done with ideological fixations and have lived the “dream” of the Left in power?...

6. Mitsotakis, expectations and the need for unity

The coming weeks will naturally see an emphasis on New Democracy’s proposals on all the major issues, from the economy and security, to education and health. At the same time the new prime minister will have to strike a balance between the rival forces within his party’s ranks, combining the new with the old. ...

7. New Greek cabinet sworn in

Greece’s new cabinet was sworn in on Tuesday after New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis was elected on Sunday on a pledge to create jobs and lure investment to the economically stricken nation...

8. Prudence and moderation

9. Cyprus 'one of the success stories of ESM'

10. Forging a common policy line

11. Aristotle shows us the path Jeffrey Sachs says at Hubert Curien lecture in Nicosia

12. This is not the time to stir the Greece-Turkey pot

13. Economic growth in Cyprus remains strong