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61. Crete’s power supply remains vulnerable without EuroAsia Interconnector

62. Westward Bound

63. Turkey’s threats and Greece’s strength

64. Brexit delayed: British PM May requests three month extension

65. Britain stretches out journey to unknown destination

66. Probe on a probe finding

It was to be expected that the president of the Republic would stand by the finance minister, emphasizing that he still has faith in him, following the finding of the co-op investigative committee...

67. Arrogance in Greek politics

68. This is what Greece can be

“This is Greece.” This oft-used excuse gets on my nerves and I apologize for using it here, but I just cannot come up with a better alternative. ...

69. SYRIZA has realized that Greece belongs to the West

70. Wrestling in the Colosseum

How will the hatred that has spread around us in the years of the crisis be erased? The Greek people have been deeply divided. You have the supporters of the bailouts versus the critics, the haves versus the have-nots, the patriots versus the traitors and so on. ...

71. Interview with Jeffrey Sachs

72. Our View: Auditor’s actions lack moral compass

73. This is not the time to stir the Greece-Turkey pot

74. ‘I am not getting involved’‘i-am-not-getting-involved

75. The Importance of Integrity

76. Greece after Prespes

77. Queen sends Brexit message to bickering politicians

78. Greece’s moment of truth

79. Rudolf arrested in the north

Police in the north arrested Balazov Miroslav, known as Rudolf, who is also wanted in the south in connection with a drive-by shooting in late November...

80. Dead souls

If you are not miserable with no scruples or sold out, you don’t just sit down one day to write an article asking the President of the Supreme Court to resign...

81. The perils of extreme behavior

82. 'We will miss you' - Germany pleads with the British to stay in EU

83. Tsipras wins confidence vote paving the way for Prespes deal

84. Sifis booked into jail in the north

One of Cyprus’ top wanted, 40-year-old Greek Cypriot Josef “Sifis” Josef, has been remanded in custody for seven days by a Turkish Cypriot judge...

85. Reliable journalism and the influence that comes with it

86. Failure to rise to the occasion

There has always been a shortage of inspired and bold leaders in this place we call home. Putting aside a few odd flares here and there, those who led the country failed to rise to the occasion by being self-absorbed politicians with opportunism embedded in their DNA...

87. Hackers leak German Politicians' personal data

88. True to Kathimerini’s history and legacy

89. The constructive ambiguity of the Cyprus problem

90. Greece, Turkey and the unpredictable President Trump