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Cyprus faces trust crisis: Over 60% skeptical in social relations

Political parties and people under scrutiny

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Social Trust in Cyprus is low with almost 65% believing that we should be cautious in our relations with people. The same applies with Cypriots not trusting political parties.

According to a press release issued by the University of Cyprus, a survey conducted by the European Social Survey (ESS) shows that when it comes to Social Trust in Cyprus, 64.30% believe that we should be cautious in our relationships with people, 55.7% said that most people would try to take advantage of us if they had the opportunity, and 66.7% believe that others care mainly about themselves.

These responses reveal a pervasive sense of low social trust that is getting worse year on year. Compared to the rest of the countries, Cyprus ranks among the top three (out of 31 in total) with the lowest social trust, next to Poland, Serbia and Montenegro.

Regarding institutions, on a scale from 0 to 10 where 0 means 'No Trust' and 10 'Absolute Trust', in Cyprus trust in the Police records an average of 4.54, in Justice 4.39, in the European Parliament 4.27, in the United Nations 3.64, in the Cyprus Parliament 3.56, in politicians 2.02 and in political parties only 1.96. These values indicate extremely low levels of trust in institutions, the ESS said.

On the other hand, with an average of 6.79, scientists are the only institution that gains the trust of the majority of citizens.

For the United Nations, the Police and the politicians, Cyprus is among the four countries with the least trust in these institutions.

Finally, Cyprus is second, after Spain, in the lowest trust in political parties.

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