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Cyprus calls Turkey's NAVTEX ''a breach of sovereignty''

Tensions rise as Cyprus counters Turkey's maritime research plans


The Republic of Cyprus has issued an Anti-NAVTEX in response to Turkey's recent NAVTEX warning. Turkey's NAVTEX announced its intention to conduct new research activities in regions falling under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus, labeling Turkey's move as illegal.

According to Turkey's NAVTEX, it plans to carry out scientific research using the vessel 'Bilim 2' in areas situated north of the Cypriot coast from March 5 to 15.

In retaliation, Nicosia's Anti-NAVTEX highlights Turkey's NAVTEX as unlawful, asserting that it constitutes a violation of Cyprus's territorial sovereignty, breaches international law, and disregards established maritime security protocols. The Republic of Cyprus's response underscores its commitment to upholding its territorial integrity and defending its rights within international waters.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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