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Erdogan instructs Tatar: ''Maintain silence on Cyprus issue until elections''

Turkish Cypriot leader instructed to keep quiet on Cyprus problem and property matters amid speculation of political directives.


In a recent meeting between Erdogan and Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar and Unal Ustel, an order was issued to "all nationalist groups in the 'TRNC' that speak about the Cyprus problem and especially Ersin Tatar, to 'keep silent' until the results of the local elections in Turkey," according to a report by Serhat Intsirli.

Following yesterday's report on the "Bugun Kipris" website regarding Erdogan's recommendations to Tatar and Ustel, Intsirli expounds on the same subject today, emphasizing the "orders" related to Cyprus and property issues. On the property matter, the Yeni Duzen columnist underscores the directive to suspend discussions on land sales to foreigners in the occupied territories, specifically Israelis, until after the local elections in Turkey.

Intsirli expresses skepticism about the Turkish Cypriot leader's statements, questioning the authenticity of discussions with Erdogan regarding a new hospital, economic problems, and the stance on the Cyprus problem. He dismisses these statements as reminiscent of a fairy tale, using the term "mishima" (term in Turkish used when discussing something not witnessed or reading a fairy tale).

Highlighting the importance of transparency in public administration, Intsirli criticizes Tatar and Ustel for their general approach to the administration they oversee. He particularly scrutinizes the meeting with the Turkish President, characterizing it as "ad hoc and behind closed doors." Intsirli notes that only Turkish Cypriot politicians emerged from the meeting and shared details with certain media outlets, raising concerns about the lack of transparency regarding the negotiations.

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