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18 July, 2024

Real estate investment opportunities by AstroΒank

Astrobank has listed for sale a large seaside plot of land in Mazotos, as well as other properties that are ideal investment opportunities in Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos.

The Bank's listings include houses and apartments, office space, land, and commercial buildings. The available properties are located in urban and rural areas, providing prospective buyers with a wide range of choice to find the one that best meets their needs.

All listings are posted on the Bank’s website where people can browse by location, type, or price. Buyers can simply fill a contact form requesting more information about the property they are interested in.

Below are some of the properties for sale:

Seaside land 10,703sqm, Mazotos, Property Code: PIR486, POA

The property lies around 70m from the coast and 670m from the Mazotos – Pervolia road. It has a rectangular shape and a flat surface. Subject to right of way. Subject to VAT.

Residential Field 8,362sqm Peyia, Paphos, Property Code: PIR144 Indicative price: €571.200

The property is located in Peyia and has an irregular shape with a sloping surface. The surrounding area is residential with medium sized houses. It has access to community centre and other areas of Paphos. Subject to VAT.

Residential Plot 1,100sqm Peyia, Paphos, Property Code: PIR120 Indicative price: €208.000

The plot is on Filikis Etairias Street with a frontage of approximately 30m and has a rectangular shape. It slopes abruptly towards its south-east. Subject to VAT.

Residential plot 543sqm Mosfiloti, Larnaca, Property Code: PIR422 Indicative price: €63.000

The land is located on Larnacos Street in Mosfiloti, about 2km east of the Nicosia – Limassol highway. It has a frontage of approximately 37m, regular shape and flat surface. Subject to VAT.

Residential field 2,705sqm Paliometocho, Nicosia, Property Code:PIR465 Indicative price: €161.700

The property is located within Paliometocho community, approximately 30m north of Gregoris Afxentiou Avenue. It has a square shape, an even surface, and it is landlocked. Subject to VAT.

Agricultural Field 17,671sqm Ayios Ioannis Malountas, Nicosia, Property Code: PIR275, Indicative price: €92.400

The field is located in Ayios Ioannis Malountas and has a relatively regular shape with a sloping surface. It borders a public dirt road.

Residential Field 6,309sqm Lakatamia, Nicosia, Property Code: PIR289 Indicative price:€987.000

The property is located in the Anthoupolis area, around 250m north of the Lakatamia – Ayioi Trimithias junction. It has a rectangular shape and slightly sloping surface. The field borders Ionias Street within the boundaries of Lakatamia municipality. Subject to VAT.

Share 1/2 in a residential field of 30,238m2, Souni - Zanakia, Limassol, Property Code: PIR463 Indicative price: €571.200

The field is in Souni – Zanakia, 700m east of the Souni – Omodos road. It borders Ayios Stylianos Street with a frontage of approximately 62m. There is no distribution agreement in place. The property has rectangular shape with a even surface. Subject to VAT.

Interested parties can find more detailed information and submit their bids on the AstroBank website Contact number: 22575873


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