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Andreas Ekström and Nikolaos Mavridis to speak at Digital Agenda 19 Summit

The conference will take place on the 15 and 16 of October 2019 at the Filoxenia Conference Center


The organizing committee of the 2nd Digital Agenda 19 Summit is especially pleased to announce the first two speakers at the two-day conference of the digital age which will take place on 15 and 16 October 2019 at the Filoxenia Conference Center.

Andreas Ekström is an award-winning journalist and futurist in the digital revolution. The Swedish writer of seven books, including bestseller The Google Code, is a frequent guest speaker at conferences around the world where he is known for his facilitating skills and special interests in technology, media, politics and culture. He has also been able to reach an audience over a million through his TED talks.

Nikolaos Mavridis is founder and director at Interactive Robots and Media Lab. He is known for his expertise in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence with over 80 peer-reviewed publications and more than 50 keynotes worldwide, including four times at TEDx. He has served as Judge for the Dubai Prime Minister's Office "Drones for Good" and "Robotics and AI for Good" international competitions.

The 2nd Digital Agenda 19 summit will highlight and delve into issues on the world agenda while adopting European and regional perspectives. Topics include the effort towards a better and fairer internet, the human side of data analytics, the use of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life and the media, design techniques and development of applications at the global level, viral communication and how it evolves through social media, the revolution that gives way to solar energy, as well as the importance of the development of 5G infrastructure and broadband that will facilitate the interconnectivity of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The goal of Digital Agenda Cyprus is to become an established meeting point for prominent figures and young people who come together to discuss and develop a future of mankind at the regional and European levels. An equally important aim is to draw attention to Nicosia as a university knowledge centre where discussion on the digital agenda takes place.

In line with these goals, over 50 prominent speakers have been invited. From now until the day of the conference, there will be frequent announcements and updates regarding participants, topics, and the conference schedule. Stay tuned!

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