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APOEL seeks investors amidst financial challenges

Cypriot football team collaborates with Mergerscorp in bid for stability and growth


In a recent development brought to light by 24sports, the revelation that a Cypriot team is on the market through Mergerscorp has ignited discussions across the internet. Today, Prodromos Petridis confirmed in a press conference that the team in question is APOEL. This disclosure, communicated to the General Assembly in the summer, disclosed APOEL's collaboration with an American-based company, mergerscorp, specializing in connecting potential investors with football teams.

Importantly, the arrangement with Mergerscorp doesn't impose any financial burden on APOEL; compensation is contingent upon securing an investor and completing a deal.

Despite intensified efforts since June's conclusion, no investor has materialized and expressed interest has yet to progress beyond verbal discussions. While these efforts persist, financial challenges persist as well. In response, APOEL outlined plans for financial support in a press conference held at the "Ta Meri Finance Archangelos" training center.

During the conference, Prodromos Petridis shared that ongoing discussions with a Ukrainian investor involved personal risk, requiring him to venture into a war zone. The team continues to explore avenues to secure both investor capital and financial stability.

[Information from 24Sports]

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