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Coffee magic: Greek startup brews cosmetics from beans

From lattes to lotions, Coffee-eco transforms java residue into beauty essentials, backed by Coffee Island's buzzing investment

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Greek startup Coffee-eco, based in the western city of Patra, produces sunscreen, lip balm, face scrub, and anti-aging and moisturizing creams from coffee residue.

The effort got the attention of coffee chain Coffee Island, which has invested €400,000 in the startup, allowing it to set up a factory in Patra’s industrial zone to produce its AuraSkin line of cosmetics.

Coffee Island’s 15 outlets in Patra contribute 2 tons of coffee residue from espresso machines per month; Coffee-eco would like to raise that to 10-15 tons, depending on how sales go.

Alexis Pantziaros, Coffee-eco’s CEO and co-founder, explains that the company extracts chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant.

“With the exception of scrubs, there are no other cosmetics products made from coffee residue,” Pantziaros says.

The company’s immediate priorities are to expand its product line, expand collaboration with companies abroad, and use its technology to produce bioplastics, which can also be used in packaging its products.

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