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14 July, 2024

CYTA CEO highlights need for modernization in passport control systems

Andreas Neokleous emphasizes the need for modernization at Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit


"If someone truly wishes to implement a digital transformation in Cyprus, this is a significant starting point," stated Andreas Neokleous, CEO of CYTA, as he addressed the audience at the Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit. Neokleous illustrated his point by showing a snapshot of the passport control system at Larnaca Airport during today's presentation.

He scrutinized the fact that the country's initial impression of visitors to Cyprus is rather unfavorable, especially for a state aspiring to be recognized as a technology hub. "While modern airports progress, we have these peculiar machines, queues forming until everyone scans their passport, takes a photo, prints a document that must then be inspected by a police officer, possibly requiring another queue for entry approval into the country."

Neokleous also emphasized that the installation of biometric scanning machines is something that should commence today, not tomorrow.


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