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SHAZAM co-founder inspires adaptation at Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit 2023

Dhiraj Mukherjee emphasizes proactive creation and startup innovation


Dhiraj Mukherjee, the co-founder of Shazam Entertainment, a pioneering mobile-based music recognition service later acquired by Apple for $400 million in 2017, took the stage at the 6th Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit 2023. The event's overarching theme, "The new normal," set the backdrop for Mukherjee's insightful address.

During his presentation, Mukherjee shared valuable insights, emphasizing "The Art of Adapting." Drawing from his experience with Shazam, he underscored the idea that shaping the future requires proactive creation. "The best way to predict the future is to create it," he stated.

Mukherjee delved into Shazam's journey to success, highlighting how the app transformed the music industry. By enabling record labels to discover new talent and identify songs, Shazam initiated a significant shift. Initially uncertain about the full extent of their creation's potential, the Shazam team continuously adjusted to evolving economic circumstances and technological advances.

Furthermore, Mukherjee emphasized the vital role of startup companies in shaping the future. He urged collective decision-making on the type of future society wishes to build and the support required for these transformative entities. Mukherjee acknowledged that while predicting the future remains elusive, embracing change and perpetual adaptation is the path forward.


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