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Illegal transport of 1,100 litres of fuel from occupied territories seized

Ongoing investigation into fuel smuggling incident


The Anti-Poaching Unit of the AMAD made a significant discovery during their patrol in a village area of the Nicosia district. Yesterday afternoon, their vigilant efforts led to the interception of a truck attempting to transport a substantial amount of fuel from the occupied areas to the free areas.

Upon conducting a thorough search, the authorities found approximately 1,000 litres of petrol stored in a sizable metal tank in the truck's cargo area. Additionally, three plastic containers, each holding about 100 litres of petrol, were uncovered in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

To address this violation, both the driver and the lorry were promptly transported to a local Police Station. Customs Officers were promptly alerted and arrived to handle the situation. Subsequently, an out-of-court settlement amounting to 5,000 euros was issued.

The responsible driver made the required payment and was allowed to leave the station, while the truck was retained by Customs Officers, pending the seizure of the illicit fuel.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities remain committed to uncovering the full extent of this smuggling operation. Further details will be provided as developments occur. Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing investigation.

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