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Angels Pet Cemetery redefines pet farewell in Cyprus

Where love for pets lives on beyond the rainbow bridge

Charalambos Stylianou

Angelos Petevinos, a devoted pet owner, found himself in a heart-wrenching situation a few years ago when his beloved dog, Sushi, fell seriously ill. This deeply emotional experience compelled him to contemplate the options available for pets after they pass away in Cyprus. What he uncovered turned out to be both surprising and concerning.

In Cyprus, pet owners had limited choices for handling their pet's remains. These options included individual incineration, incineration alongside all animal waste, or private burial. However, each of these choices presented its own set of challenges. Public area burials were legally restricted, posing problems for those wanting to lay their pets to rest. Environmental contamination risks loomed large, and the possibility of other animals digging up remains added to the distress.

Global research on the subject of pet aftercare illuminated the importance of dedicated resting places for pets. Such spaces not only provide solace to grieving families but also offer them a sense of security during their time of need.

Motivated by this idea and driven by his deep concern for the fate of beloved pets after their passing, Angelos Petevinos decided to take matters into his own hands.

The result of his dedication was the establishment of Angels Pet Cemetery, a compassionate solution to address the concerns of pet owners in Cyprus. Angels Pet Cemetery now stands as a symbol of compassion and dignity, offering a much-needed alternative to the limited options that were previously available.

One of the cornerstones of this sanctuary is its unwavering commitment to complying with legal and health requirements. This commitment includes the provision of facilities such as toilets, disinfection areas, and security cameras. These measures align with guidance from the Veterinary Services of Cyprus, especially as Cyprus currently lacks a specific legal framework for the burial of domestic animals.

For pet owners seeking a communal farewell, this sanctuary offers a respectful option, priced at 80 euros. Here, beloved companions can find their final resting place alongside other pets, ensuring a sense of unity even in their passing.

For those who desire a more personalized farewell, the sanctuary provides individual burial options. These cost 300 euros for pets under 20kg and 400 euros for pets up to 50kg. These individual burials come with a three-year lease, providing grieving families with a dedicated resting place for their furry friends.

Additionally, the cemetery offers burial certificates and personalized plaques with customization options. This allows pet owners to create a lasting tribute to their loyal companions, ensuring that their memory lives on.

In conclusion, Angels Pet Cemetery is more than just a pet resting place; it represents a call for change. It addresses the challenges that pet owners face when trying to legally and responsibly lay their furry companions to rest. In a nation where specific legislation for pet burial is lacking, Angels Pet Cemetery sets a compassionate example for others to follow.

Furthermore, it raises a broader issue, the lack of monitoring and legislation concerning the fate of pets after they pass away. Our pets deserve more than being classified as mere animal waste. By advocating for legislative changes that require pet owners and veterinarians to declare the fate of pets, we can ensure that our furry friends receive the respect and care they deserve even after they've crossed the rainbow bridge.

Angels Pet Cemetery stands as a testament to the love we have for our loyal companions and represents a significant step towards a more compassionate and dignified future for pets in Cyprus. It offers a safe and well-maintained resting place, compliance with all relevant laws, and the opportunity for grieving families to find solace and closure in the knowledge that their pets are in good hands.

Angels Pet Cemetery

Griva Digeni, Deftera 2460

Tel. 94040667

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