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Cyprus issues travel advisory for Israel

Minister urges to avoid non-essential travel to Israel and Gaza

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Cyprus, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued a travel advisory on Sunday, urging its citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to Israel, Gaza, and certain areas in the West Bank, including Nablus and Jenin, which also encompasses East Jerusalem. The advisory comes in response to the evolving security situation in the region.

In addition to the advisory, the Ministry activated its National Crisis Management Center to provide continuous telephonic support to Cypriot citizens currently in these regions. As of now, there have been no reports of significant issues concerning the safety of Cypriot citizens in these areas.

The travel advisory advises Cypriot citizens to exercise caution, closely monitor developments through both international and local news sources, and adhere to official guidance and information. Furthermore, it recommends that citizens consider registering themselves on the online platform for Cypriots abroad, Connect2CY (, if they wish to do so.

In case of emergencies, Cypriot citizens are urged to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Tel Aviv, Israel, at the following address: 61, Dizengoff street, Top Tower 14th floor, Tel Aviv 6433233, Israel. The contact numbers for the Consular Department are +972 3 927 3007 and +972 3 927 3008 (09:00-15:00, Monday to Friday), with mobile phone contacts outside of working hours at +972 54 8608603 and +972 54 7624122. The fax number is +972 3 629 0535, and the email address is

Additionally, Cypriot citizens can reach out to the representation of the Republic of Cyprus in Ramallah at V.I.P. Centre, 100 Al Kawathar Street, Al Bireh Ramallah, West Bank - Palestinian National Authority. The contact number is +972 2241 3206 (08:30-15:00, Monday to Friday), with a mobile phone contact outside of working hours at +972 2 2413236. The fax number is +972 2241 3208, and the email address is

Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus can be contacted at +357 22 651113 (08:30-15:00, Monday to Friday), and the Crisis Management Department can be reached at +357 22 801000 (08:30-15:00, Monday to Friday), with a mobile phone contact outside of working hours at +357 97 775998.

The Ministry emphasizes that commercial flights are still operational, and Cypriot citizens who wish to return to Cyprus are encouraged to make their own arrangements for repatriation. The Ministry continues to closely monitor the security situation in the region and provide information to the public, urging them to follow local authorities' guidance and stay informed through both international and local media sources.

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