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Biden lands in Tel Aviv as hospital bombing escalates Israeli-Hamas conflict

Jordan summit canceled; U.S. President adjusts plans amid rising tensions

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

President Joe Biden arrived in Tel Aviv today against the backdrop of heightened tensions in the Israeli-Hamas conflict following the bombing of the Al-Ali hospital in Gaza City. The hospital attack, which resulted in the tragic loss of hundreds of lives, coincided with the eve of Biden's visit to Israel.

The ongoing strife has already caused ripple effects in the region. Jordan has canceled the quadrilateral leaders' meeting that was scheduled to include discussions related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Consequently, the U.S. president has been forced to modify his travel plans and will not proceed to Amman as initially intended.

The hospital bombing has ignited a fresh round of accusations and counterclaims. The Hamas administration alleges that the attack was carried out by an Israeli aircraft, a charge that has found support in numerous Arab and Muslim governments. In contrast, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) contends that the hospital bombing was a result of a failed rocket launch by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.

Biden's visit to Israel occurs at a pivotal moment when international concerns about the escalating conflict are at their peak. The U.S. president's itinerary and engagement with regional leaders will likely be influenced by the rapidly evolving situation on the ground.

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