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England qualifies for Euro 2024 with Harry Kane's heroics

Stunning victory earns 'Three Lions' a spot in the tournament in Germany


In a stunning victory, England clinched their berth for Euro 2024, thanks to a standout performance by Harry Kane. The "Three Lions" roared to a 3-1 win over Italy during the 8th round of the 3rd qualifying group, earning themselves a coveted spot in the forthcoming tournament in Germany.

The path to Euro 2024 has seen fierce competition, with 12 more tickets to be awarded in the final qualifying window slated for November. Additionally, the last three positions will be determined through the Nations League playoffs, where Greece will also be vying for a place.

As the dust settles, nine teams have already secured their slots at Euro 2024, affirming their presence on the grand stage of international football:

1. England
2. Germany
3. Belgium
4. France
5. Portugal
6. Spain
7. Scotland
8. Turkey
9. Austria

These teams now stand poised to showcase their prowess and determination in what promises to be an exciting and fiercely competitive tournament.

[Information sourced from 24sports]

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