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28 May, 2024

ECOMMBX and friends take immediate action to help wildfire victims

After the wildfires that ripped through the village of Arakapas and neighbouring communities, ECOMMBX with other financial and technology partners did not hesitate to step in and help where it was most needed.

The fires, which scorched an area of more than 55 square kilometres, killing four young men, tragically ending eons of wildlife, plantation and forcing the evacuation of dozens, has been acknowledged as a national and cultural disaster.

Without any second thoughts ECOMMBX, ECOMMPAY and other fintech/ IT/ Technology companies, members of Techisland community, cojoined forces to raise a total of €900.000 for immediate and short-term relief measures.

The funds are to be channelled through Techisland, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and acceleration of technology and innovation in Cyprus, who will liaise with government agencies and other non-profit organisations, to support the victims of the fire on the one hand, but also to contribute to the restoration and reforestation of the natural environment.

ECOMMBX’s CEO Michael C.G. Charalambides responsibly said: “Everyone has a duty to contribute when nature and humanity cries for help! It would be selfish on our behalf not to consider this as tragedy that concerns us all! Families are torn, nature is crying and our land is scorched! We all have a duty when these terrors strike, financial aid is not the only support we should be handing out, but human physical aid plus affection as well!”

Michael lastly said that, ''it is not with pleasure or business orientated sentiments that we do these contributions, but rather with a sense of responsibility and altruism, we hope that more companies will responsibly follow…''


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