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15 July, 2024

Exness pledges 300,000 euro in financial support following devastating wildfires

Cyprus wakes up to another grim day following what has been characterized as the most devastating fire in the history of the island.

The wildfire has destroyed homes, rural property, farms and large areas of pine forest and other vegetation, across ten communities ranging from the Limassol to the Larnaca mountain range. One fire also caused the destruction of an entire fire station in Eptagonia, which is critical to the village and its surrounding areas.

Limassol based company Exness has been one of the first to react to the unprecedented catastrophe plaguing the island, pledging 300,000 euro in financial aid; a sum which is enough to rebuild Eptagonia fire station and contribute to significant reforestation across affected areas.

Exness CEO Petr Valov commented: “I see it as nothing more than a pure duty of the private sector to step in wherever possible and in whatever capacity. The events of the past few days have been nothing short of tragic for Cyprus and we cannot stand by and do nothing. We at Exness feel strongly that we are part of the Cyprus community; we have thus pledged an amount of 300,000 euro to the cause and hope that with this we can start to rebuild in small steps what has been lost”.

This is not the first time Exness has actively stood in solidarity with the Cypriot community. 2020 saw the donation of 1 million euro in financial aid to the public and private health sector of the island, with numerous contributions aimed to aid the battle against Covid-19.


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