12° Nicosia,
14 July, 2024

EY Cyprus Unveils EY Academy of Learning and Development: Pioneering Excellence in Learning and Development

EY is proud to announce the launch of the EY Academy of Learning and Development. The announcement took place during an exclusive event held on November 2, 2023, at Lemon Park in Nicosia.

The EY Academy of Learning and Development serves as a collaborative learning hub for all business lines in EY to work closer with clients on their learning initiatives. Τhe Academy will provide a broad range of services in three areas – training solutions, digital learning solutions and capability building.  In addition, we showcased our brand-new EY building in Nicosia, equipped with state-of-the-art multi-purpose training rooms where many of the EY Academy of Learning & Development seminars will be held.

EY Academy of Learning and Development is set to reshape the landscape of professional development, by focusing on the critical role of continuous learning and skill enhancement. The official launch event was attended by a prestigious gathering of EY clients and leading executives from Cyprus-based companies, including CEOs, CFOs, and Heads of HR.

The event commenced with a thought-provoking opening speech by the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, Mr. Yiannis Panayiotou, who applauded EY's visionary initiative. He emphasized the imperative need for lifelong learning and the constant upgrade of skills to confront the global challenge of labor shortages.

Christine E. Kowal, Director of EY Academy of Learning & Development, extended a warm welcome to the attendees and expressed deep gratitude for their support in introducing this transformative educational platform to Cyprus.

Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou, Partner, Head of People Advisory Services, and Partner in charge of EY Academy of Learning and Development at EY, offered insights into the driving force behind EY's investment in this field. He outlined the strategic importance of learning, both for EY's clients and the broader community of Cyprus, particularly within the context of the evolving nature of work.

Mr. Thrasyvoulou noted ''In a world that is evolving at an unprecedented pace, providing our people with the modern skills necessary to navigate forthcoming challenges is pivotal to success. The rapid advancement of technology, coupled with an ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape, renders continuous learning and upskilling an absolute necessity. As part of our unwavering commitment to building a better working world, we are thrilled to unveil today a dedicated platform that will empower our clients and their teams to not merely adapt but to thrive and excel.''

Philippos Raptopoulos, Partner, Head of EY Tax & Legal Services, shared his enthusiasm for this transformative journey, saying, ''The EY Academy of Learning and Development exemplifies EY's dedication to nurturing talent, fostering growth, and driving innovation. By investing in our people and our community, we are building a brighter future for all.''

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