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Fikardos Winery: Crafting award-winning Cypriot wines

Family-owned winery wins Gastronomos Award for Best Red Wine with their Yiannoudi 2020


The Fikardos Winery, established in 1990, has been a family endeavor from the start. Theodoros Fikardos, who began making wine as a hobby, fully dedicated himself to winemaking after acquiring vines from his wife Elli. In 2019, their eldest son, Fikardos, who holds a degree in Food Marketing and Economics, took over the winery in Mesogi, Paphos, alongside his siblings Valentina and Leonardos. They set about modernizing the winery, revamping the labels, and focusing on winemaking and production. They also tapped into select vineyards with Cypriot varieties for single-vineyard wines.

One standout wine is the Yiannoudi 2020, sourced from an 11-year-old vineyard in Choulou, which survived a recent fire. This exceptional wine recently earned Fikardos Winery one of this year's Gastronomos Awards in the category of Best Red Wine. "I want to highlight a variety," Fikardos explained. "Of the red indigenous varieties, I like Giannoudi the most and believe it will become the flagship of many wineries. It has the potential to produce great wines that will stand the test of time."

Remaining true to the region's terroir, the winery also produces single vineyard Xynisteri and Maratheytiko. Looking ahead, Fikardos plans to plant Promara and Altesse to expand the winery's offerings of Cypriot varieties. "These varieties thrive in the warm climate and without water. They can withstand climate change and compete with any foreign wine. These are the future."

At Fikardos Winery, the focus is on producing genuine terroir wines that reflect the place and the winemaker's dedication, honesty, and hard work.

For more information, visit Fikardos Winery at 22 Michalaki Savvidis, Mesogi, Paphos, call T/26949814, or check their website at The wines are available in select supermarkets, wine cellars, and at the winery.


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