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Gov't committee calls for stronger measures to safeguard consumers

Concerns raised over ineffectiveness of Consumer Protection Agency in ensuring fair practices by businesses


The Parliamentary Committee on Commerce identified legislative gaps in consumer protection during a meeting on Tuesday. Committee Chairman Kyriakos Hatzigiannis expressed concerns about the limited deterrent role of the Consumer Protection Agency and highlighted significant gaps in its programs, leading to inadequate protection against consumer fraud. Legislative shortcomings were also noted, particularly regarding a code that is inconsistently followed, prompting the committee to consider a re-evaluation.

One big issue is that during sales, it can be confusing for customers because there's no clear reference price. This means it's hard for people to know if they're getting a real discount or if the price was changed just before the sale. The government group wants the Consumer Protection Agency to do more to make sure businesses are playing fair, and they also want to look at the rules to see if they need to be changed to better protect customers.

Additionally, AKEL MP Kostas Kostas highlighted serious complaints and advocated for a mandatory code of conduct to address unfair practices, such as price changes before and during sales. He called for increased checks by the Consumer Protection Agency and collaboration between relevant authorities and organizations to enhance consumer protection measures and combat deception and exploitation. The Consumer Association also raised concerns about price discrepancies during sales and emphasized the need for increased transparency and publicizing violators.


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