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Heatwave halts deliveries, stores see orders plunge by up to 80%

How shops coped with delivery ban

By Anna Polyviou

A noticeable decrease in store order volume was caused by high temperatures and work stoppages following warnings from the Department of Labor Inspection. Operations like home deliveries were interrupted on days when temperatures reached 45 degrees Celsius.

During both red and orange weather warnings for extreme temperatures, the Department of Labor Inspection under the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance announced the cessation of all outdoor heavy and moderate work, as well as delivery services using two-wheeled vehicles. This measure, previously implemented last summer during high temperatures, significantly impacted food and beverage establishments, as well as food ordering and delivery platforms. Notifications on ordering platforms indicated no food deliveries were available from 12:00 to 16:00 during the disruption.

To understand the impact on restaurants and cafes relying on delivery services, we contacted several establishments. Affected stores either operated within their premises or received customers in-store. Many reported a noticeable drop in revenue, particularly during peak morning and noon hours, with some experiencing up to an 80% decline compared to normal delivery days.

Mr. Marios Konstantinou, co-owner of Kawacom's Ipanema Espresso in Agios Dometios, noted a more than 50% decrease in business on days when deliveries were halted. To mitigate losses, Mr. Konstantinou and his co-owner personally delivered orders by car, despite facing challenges collecting payments in-store. Meanwhile, some restaurants continued deliveries using cars unaffected by the two-wheeled vehicle ban, albeit with delays.

Mr. Konstantinos Konstantinidis, owner of Por Favor Mexican Restaurant, estimated losing roughly two months' worth of revenue from delivery. Conversely, a tavern reported minimal impact since their weekday delivery service operates primarily by car during lunch hours.

Following the end of the delivery disruption, many stores experienced a surge in orders, particularly for coffee, beverages, and lunch offerings. Respondents agreed that such delivery disruptions may recur this summer, especially during periods of extreme heat, emphasizing the importance of state measures to protect outdoor workers from health risks associated with high temperatures.

As the Department of Meteorology predicts a warm summer ahead, precautionary measures remain crucial to safeguarding public health during heatwaves.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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