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Mandatory malpractice insurance now required for all doctors in Cyprus

New law requires active insurance contracts for professional negligence coverage


A new law passed by the House of Representatives has made malpractice insurance mandatory for all practicing doctors in Cyprus. This legislation requires doctors registered in the Medical Register, as well as medical companies, to maintain an active insurance contract against civil liability for professional negligence.

The proposal, tabled by MPs from the Democratic Rally (DISY), aims to amend the Registration of Doctors Law to ensure comprehensive coverage for professional negligence. The law also includes an amendment introduced by DISY, AKEL, and DIKO parties, mandating that doctors submit a copy of their insurance contract within 30 days of their registration approval. Both the law and the amendment were passed unanimously.

DISY MP Savvia Orphanidou, one of the proposers, stated that the impetus for the law was a court case involving a doctor who was unable to pay compensation for professional negligence due to lack of insurance coverage. She highlighted a legislative gap that left doctors outside the General Health System (GESY) or those not working in hospitals without mandatory insurance. The new law also extends to special licenses for foreign doctors practicing in Cyprus.

This move ensures that all medical practitioners in Cyprus are financially equipped to handle claims of professional negligence, thereby enhancing patient protection and maintaining high standards in the medical profession.

[Information from CNA]

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