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Limassol doctors accused of malpractice in woman’s death

Mother launches police complaint against doctors in Cyprus after daughter died of complications in Germany


New allegations of medical negligence have been launched in a police complaint, with a woman accusing medical practitioners for her daughter’s death.

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According to state media, 36-year-old Andri Savvidou from Limassol had surgery at a private clinic in her hometown in order to remove abnormal growths in her uterus.

By the time she flew from Cyprus to Germany for cancer treatment, doctors in Berlin told her she had developed symptoms of pneumonia and sepsis

While the biopsy reportedly came back negative and she was released from hospital, she began having severe pain in her abdomen and was rushed to Limassol General where doctors found she had lung and liver cancer.

Following a series of treatments in her hometown, initially at Limassol General Hospital and later at the German Oncology Center, she was not getting better and the Health Ministry referred Savvidou to a special clinic in Berlin.

But according to the complaint, German doctors told the 36-year-old woman she had developed symptoms of pneumonia and sepsis by the time she had arrived in Berlin where she died of complications February 1.

Her body was flown back to Cyprus where state forensic examiner Angeliki Papetta oversaw the post mortem on Monday and took tissue samples for further lab tests.

While the exact cause of death has not been established, Savvidou’s mother has pointed fingers in her police complaint at both public and private doctors in Cyprus.

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