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New arrest in Nicosia downtown blast

Identity of female victim still not confirmed as cops arrest another suspect in the arson attack downtown


A new suspect has been arrested in the Nicosia downtown blast that took place in late January, while the identity of the female victim has not been confirmed officially.

Police detained a 21-year-old male suspect on Monday in connection with the explosion and ensuing fire at a pub in Nicosia, where a Ukrainian woman in her late 30’s or early 40’s was found dead in her apartment right above the inferno. 

The suspect is thought to have admitted to police that he let another suspect, who is already in custody, to borrow his motorcycle while some media reports said the 21-year-old was aware that his motorbike would be used in the arson attack. 

All other residents managed to escape the fire after a security guard at the Eleftheria Square construction site rushed to help them leave the building safely

On Wednesday early morning, January 30 just before 3am,a man was seen running away just before a powerful explosion rocked a residential building on Costakis Pandelides Street. Fire fighters were able to extinguish the fire and a woman’s body was discovered by the door of her apartment on the second floor.

All other residents managed to escape the fire after a security guard, who was on duty at the nearby Eleftheria Square construction site, rushed to help them leave the building safely. 

Law enforcement authorities have not released the name of the victim, who was initially reported as a Ukrainian female. She reportedly had been to Cyprus previously and had just arrived days or weeks prior to her death, while other sources said she was looking to make a fresh start.

Reports in some local media said the woman was employed at the pub.

In addition to the 21-year-old, three other male suspects are in custody including the 45-year-old Greek Cypriot pub owner, a 32-year-old Syrian man who says he was following orders from the owner, and a 28-year-old Greek Cypriot man who borrowed the motorcycle which was used as the getaway vehicle.

Possible charges that were initially reported included conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit felony, manslaughter, burglary, and arson.

The Syrian man, who said he had been told that nobody lived in the building, told cops the pub owner ordered him to set fire to the place in exchange for money.

The pub owner and the getaway driver have denied the charges.

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