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Is your organization Agile enough to embrace what tomorrow brings?

The transformation imperative is urgent, challenging and opportunity rich. Leaders are reframing their businesses to adapt to a new landscape by innovating their business model, elevating their customer experience, and finding new ways to leverage data and technology. This demands a careful balance: sustaining performance while investing in the skills, technologies, and agile ways of working to accelerate growth and create new opportunities. EY Agile practitioners place humans at the center of the organization, leverage technology at speed and innovate at scale.

Becoming Agile is not a textbook approach, which is why it needs to be tailored to the organization’s maturity and needs, to empower their people and transform the way they deliver.

Many organizations nowadays are thinking about adopting Agile but don’t know where to start, in order to respond to changing customer needs faster or address the lack of alignment between Business, IT and other departments. Other organizations are currently using Agile principles but want to assess if the adoption is done correctly and scale it to reap the full value from the new ways of working.

Agility can help organizations enhance the quality of their customer-centric solutions, deliver products with faster time to market, and can help managers transform to aspiring leaders who affect change and a positive culture.

EY Agile practitioners can help you become Adaptive, Accelerate Agility, Scale the value delivered through customizable offerings:

  1. Adopt Agile by running an Agile Proof of Value to generate trust and quickly make the first tangible steps towards an Agile mobilization
  2. Accelerate Agile by identifying opportunity areas to mature your practices, and define a roadmap to accelerate your transformation
  3. Scale the value by unlocking the mindset, culture and ways of working pillars to anchor a value-oriented Agile at Scale model

The Agile marketplace offerings are designed by certified Agile practitioners who recognize any organizational reform is a people-led first. They include an as-is assessment to assess the maturity of the organization before designing and implementing a transformation roadmap. The offerings also include on-the-job training and coaching professional certifications, coaching and shadowing.

All training will be delivered as part of the EY Academy of Learning & Development and can be partly subsidized by ANAD.

 For more information on the Agile offerings marketplace, you can contact our team:

Stefanos Michael

Director, Technology Consulting and Transformation Services

 Daniella Chrysochou

Enterprise Agile Coach, Technology Consulting and Transformation Services

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