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17 June, 2024

KPMG launches series of technical webinars

KPMG Academy launches a series of webinars on technical subjects


KPMG Academy launches a series of webinars on technical subjects

[Nicosia, 11.06.2020]

Realising the current challenges and aiming to contribute to the recovery of the economic sectors, KPMG Academy fosters its efforts to offer expert advice and practical information on key matters.

Therefore, is pleased to announce the commencement of a series of webinars on technical subjects. Professionals can attend webinars at reasonable prices, enhance their knowledge on current topics and further develop their skills to achieve business resilience.

Nowadays, humankind is facing new challenges, which have brought instability to the global economy and social structures. While the future of the business world looks uncertain, the continuous communication, exchange of knowledge and experiences between professionals, appears to be a constructive response.

Being committed to providing educational programmes incorporating the Firm’s experience and expertise since 2009, KPMG Academy will keep investing in life-long learning, which has proven to be a key factor for commercial and social growth.

Τo find out more about the webinars, visit the following link. For any queries, please contact Irini Avraam on +357 22 207 460 or at

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