12° Nicosia,
18 July, 2024

Minister spearheads operation to curb undeclared labor

Coordinated effort identifies illegal employment practices


In a joint effort involving the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, Yannis Panayiotou, along with officials from the Ministry of Labor, members of the Immigration and Aliens Service, and police, a targeted operation was conducted to address undeclared and illegal work.

Two construction sites, 29 employers, and 193 employees underwent scrutiny during the operation in Nicosia. The comprehensive inspection revealed 7 undeclared individuals and 12 cases of illegal employment. The Ministry of Labor's Inspection Service applied administrative fines procedures for these cases, while the Immigration and Aliens Service carried out arrests.

The Minister emphasized the ministry's commitment to persistent and intensified inspections to combat undeclared and illegal work. The primary objective is to safeguard the rights of workers and uphold the responsibilities of law-abiding employers.

Expressing satisfaction with the professionalism demonstrated by the Ministry of Labor's Inspectorate, the Minister conveyed optimism about achieving positive results in the ongoing efforts.

This operation aligns with the broader initiative to foster a fair and compliant labor environment, promoting the well-being of both workers and employers.


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