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Ministry recommends adjusting milk mix for better halloumi

Ministry proposes changes to make PDO Halloumi cheese even better


The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment is taking steps to improve the production of the highly-regarded PDO halloumi cheese. They've looked closely at data from 2022, specifically focusing on the milk used in making this cheese. Based on their findings, they've suggested to the Minister of Energy, Trade, and Industry that they should use a mix of goat and cow milk to enhance the cheese.

What's Changing in the Cheese Recipe:

The main idea here is to tweak the ingredients that go into making PDO halloumi cheese. Cheesemakers have reported their milk usage and the plan is to use more goat and sheep milk from September to January. This means the amount of goat and sheep milk in PDO halloumi cheese could go up from 10% to 19%. This change is expected to make the cheese even better.

When Is This Happening:

The shift in milk mix is set to go into effect on October 20, 2023. This will happen after the Minister of Energy, Trade, and Industry issues an official order. The change should kick in right away.

Making Sure It's All Good:

To make sure the new milk mix is used correctly and that PDO halloumi cheese remains top-notch, the Ministry of Agriculture will be doing more quality checks. They'll be inspecting all the cheese dairies that produce PDO halloumi.

Why It Matters:

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has a clear goal in mind with these changes. They want to keep PDO halloumi cheese a vital part of the country's farming and food scene. This special cheese is famous for its unique qualities and is valuable to everyone involved in making and selling it.

This move to change the milk mix is all about making PDO halloumi cheese even better, ensuring it stays an essential part of the country's agriculture, and maintaining its importance in the global food world.

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