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Farmers hold government accountable for halloumi

Farmers rally for justice at presidential meeting


Sheep and goat farmers are gearing up for decisive action, including staging a protest outside the Presidential building, if their meeting with the President on Tuesday, September 26, fails to address their demands concerning Halloumi's Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Sotiris Kadis, the president of the Sheep and Goat Farmers Association, conveyed this message during an interview with SPOR FM and Diaspora News.

Kadis explained that their reaction stems from the non-implementation of crucial agreements. He pointed out that an agreement was reached last July within the CCCTB (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Trade), which has not been honored by either the Ministry of Agriculture or the other involved parties. They are urging the government to carry out the necessary inspections, as currently, they claim, these inspections are not being conducted.

One of the surprising aspects for sheep and goat farmers is the absence of penalties or sanctions against those who violate the law. Despite previous statements in Parliament identifying producers who did not adhere to regulations, there remains a lack of effective oversight, which could serve as a deterrent. Kadis emphasized that the Ministry of Agriculture is fully aware of their demands.

Following their meeting with the President on September 26, the farmers plan to convene on September 28 to deliberate on the matter and decide on their future course of action.

"We hope it won't come to measures. I believe the President will address the issue and make announcements that will satisfy everyone," Kadis expressed optimistically.

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