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Nicosia and Limassol explore tram systems

The two cities set to transform transportation

Newsroom / CNA

Environment Commissioner Maria Panayiotou, alongside Nicosia's Mayor Konstantinos Giorkatzis, emphasized the necessity of commencing a comprehensive study for the introduction of tram systems in Nicosia and Limassol.

Both Panayiotou and Giorkatzis delivered statements to the Cyprus News Agency during the conclusion of the European Mobility Week events hosted by the Municipality of Nicosia, which took place on Mikis Theodorakis Street at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre. Throughout the European Mobility Week, diverse activities unfolded, including events at the Traffic Education Park and athletic engagements designed to inform residents and students alike. Consequently, Mikis Theodorakis Street remained closed from early morning until midnight.

Panayiotou encouraged citizens to partake in the array of activities happening across all cities, emphasizing that Nicosia's residents had a unique opportunity to stay informed while children could playfully explore alternative means of transportation.

Moreover, she reminded everyone that public transport was free on this day, courtesy of a collaborative initiative between the Ministry of Transport and the Environment Commissioner's Office.

Panayiotou underlined the significance of this day, coinciding with the European Day without a Car, celebrated in 1500 cities within the European Union. She noted that Nicosia was hosting a special event, raising awareness among children and promoting mobility alternatives by reclaiming one of the city's central streets from the daily car-induced pollution.

Panayiotou emphasized that children are at the forefront of change through their educational campaigns and initiatives at school. She stressed the importance of listening to children and adopting their practices in our daily lives.

Commending the Municipality of Nicosia for its initiatives during the European Mobility Week, Panayiotou expressed her appreciation.

Giorkatzis underscored the correctness of the previous efforts made by governments and articulated that the ultimate objective should be the establishment of tram systems in both Nicosia and Limassol.

He addressed the common misconception that trams are not economically sustainable, contending that when considering social and environmental benefits, it becomes evident that trams are a sustainable mode of transportation. Giorkatzis stressed the necessity of initiating a study process for their implementation.

The overarching goal of Mobility Week, he emphasized, is to sensitize adults to change their habits, thus ensuring a cleaner environment and a healthier future for children.

Giorkatzis concluded by highlighting the importance of education in cultivating a new culture with fresh habits, expressing gratitude to Panayiotou for her presence and reiterating that "our children are our future."

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