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Halloumi takes a bite of the Big Apple

Cyprus showcases its iconic cheese and explores global markets in New York's premier exhibition

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Cyprus is making its mark in the international food market as it participates in the "Fancy Food Show" in New York. The country's halloumi cheese companies are taking center stage by sponsoring two European programs, "EU Delicious" and "Cheese U," with the goal of promoting Cypriot cheese globally.

Organized by the Panagrotic Association of Cyprus, participation in the exhibition has proven highly successful, according to Tassos Papanis, the General Secretary of the Association. Cyprus is showcasing its halloumi alongside Romania, which is promoting jams, in the same booth at the event.

One of the key players in the Cypriot halloumi industry is "Charalambidis Christis," the largest dairy company in Cyprus. With a notable presence in America for over three decades, the company exports 40% of its halloumi to 35 countries. Stefanos Aloneftis, the export manager at Charalambides Christis, reveals that around 1000 tons of halloumi are shipped annually to America from Cyprus, with major markets including England, Germany, America, and Australia.

In addition to "EU Delicious," the second European program called "Cheese U" is also focused on promoting European products. Cyprus-based halloumi production company "Somis" is participating in the exhibition, sharing a booth with a Bulgarian company promoting Bulgarian cheeses. Evagoras Fiakkou, the General Manager of Somis, highlights their ability to produce organic, kosher, and lactose-free halloumi, and their aim to tap into the promising market of Brazil as their next target.

Halloumi, a popular Cypriot cheese, is gaining recognition globally and has become the country's top exported food product. Fiakkou reveals that half of the halloumi quantities are exported to Scandinavian countries, with their company alone contributing three thousand tons of the total 6,000 tons annually sent to Sweden from Cyprus.

The exhibition, which opened at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan on Sunday, features 1,200 exhibitors from the USA and 35 countries, showcasing the latest developments in the food and beverage sector. It provides an excellent platform for Cyprus to promote its halloumi and other culinary offerings to a global audience.

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