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Saudi Arabia prepares for its first-ever fashion week

Saudi fashion takes center stage with 30 local designers in global debut

By Maria Karamanou

Saudi Arabia is gearing up to host its inaugural Fashion Week, scheduled for October 20 to 23 in Riyadh. The event features participation from 30 local fashion designers and companies. Alongside the opening event organized by the Saudi Fashion Commission, there will be an exhibition showcasing clothing and accessories from various designers and brands.

Burak Chakmak, CEO of the Commission, expressed in a statement, "We are excited to welcome the global fashion community to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's fashion hub, for the first time. This event will highlight our top creative talents, offering our brands another platform to connect with the world. Whether you attend in person or via streaming, we are eager to exhibit the potential of Saudi fashion."

Details about organizing this Fashion Week were initially disclosed during Paris Men's Fashion Week and High Fashion Week. The Saudi Fashion Commission introduced several Saudi designers at these events, where they presented their collections through fashion shows.

The Saudi fashion industry has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation in recent years, and the introduction of Fashion Week in Riyadh underscores the nation's commitment to fostering its burgeoning fashion sector. According to the Fashion Futures report, retail sales in the Saudi fashion sector are projected to surge by 28%, reaching $32 billion by 2025.

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