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1. Chemotherapy is no longer the only solution

The feeling of a small lump on her breast, which turned out to be malignant, terrified Dr. Sima Dosi who thought she would have to undergo chemotherapy...

2. Archbishop back in Cyprus after treatment

Archbishop Chrysostomos was back in his office on Tuesday following his return from the United States where he underwent another cancer treatment, with doctors noting 'noticeable improvement'...

3. EY helps establish ethical artificial intelligence systems

4. Armenian genocide resolution hits senate wall

A US resolution that would have officially described atrocities against Armenians in 1915 as genocide has stopped dead in its tracks on Wednesday, following a meeting between the Turkish president and a senator...

5. Michael strengthens into extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane

6. Dozens die as storms wreak havoc over weekend

Dozens have died over the weekend due to extreme weather phenomena, with a typhoon wreaking havoc in the southeast and a tropical depression still threatening with unimaginable flooding on the other side of the Atlantic...

7. Hurricane Florence makes landfall expected to dump 37 billion cubic meters of water